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How to get exact search volume Adwords keyword Planner

exact search volume Adwords keyword Planner

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How to get exact search volume Adwords keyword Planner

How to get exact search volume Adwords keyword Planner

Exact Search Volume Adwords Keyword Planner:

A few months back Gooogle Adwords: Keyword planner have been off the search volume estimate due to close variants.


Adwords keyword Planner

A question I posted on Quora:   How to get exact search volume Adwords Keyword Planner? –

Abdur Rehman KhalidSoftware Engineer


Answer1 :
There is a solution to get search volume data from Adwords without even having an Adwords account. At Mondovo’s Bulk Search Volume Tool, you can fetch search volume for up to 650 keywords at a time for any location and language and you’ll get the search volume + CPC data for those keywords. – Sameer Panjwani, Founder of

Keyword research is an essential activity at various stages of an SEO campaign. Comprehensive research can help to identify a range of new opportunities, and obtaining the most accurate and telling data possibly can lead to much more precise forecasting when evaluating the potential traffic opportunities for you or your clients’ websites.

Let’s continue with the ‘car warranty’ and ‘car warranties’ example. The likelihood is that one of the variants will be more valuable, be more competitive, and have a higher search volume than the other – but how can we decipher which one now that Google combines the data within the tool?

Take this small sample from a keyword research document, where the new combined data that Google now provides is evident:

Zai Galter, works at Freelancing</span


I don’t think you can get it back. At least, I can’t. I have tried many different tricks and started using Adwords campaign as well. But I guess my spending was not high enough for Google to give me the data I need for keyword research.

Just last week, I found I am still evaluating it and so far so good. It’s very cheap $1/month you can get Google search volume and other metrics from Keyword Planner.  – Huan Hoang, 3 years doing keyword research

The best solution I got:

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