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How to Create Brick Breaker game in java

How to Create Brick Breaker game in java

The Introduction of Brick Breaker Game:

  • Game Type: Arcade game
  • Originally Developed by Atari Inc
  • Brick Breaker game created the first time in 1971
  • Objective: Player handle the paddle and move the ball and balls. With the help of ball break the bricks.

Brick Breaker Game



The object of the brick breaker game is to break the bricks that are distributed around the top of the game screen. The bricks are broken after coming in contact with a ball that bounces around the screen. At the bottom is a paddle that in the classic game moves based on user input. The user has to make sure the ball bounces off the paddle without going off the bottom of the screen. In our implementation, instead of using arrow keys to control the paddle’s position, we use a camera to track the position of an actual pingpong paddle held by the user. The control of the game paddle with an actual Ping-Pong paddle improves the user experience.

IDE use for Brick Breaker Game:


Overall Design:

The game is great for this class because it has a modular design that can be split into discrete parts for each team member to work on. These modular parts are shown in the image. These parts are the video processing, brick breaker logic, and sound output. The video processing and sound output were completed by Jemale and the brick breaker logic and visual output were completed by Jonathan. Each of these modular parts will be discussed individuallyBRICK BREAKER GAME

Brick Breaker Game Logic Module:

The brick breaker logic module handles the basic gameplay. This module takes in the coordinates of the Ping-Pong paddle as input and determines what should be displayed and when game events happen. The logic module couples what is displayed to the internal logic as show

Breaker game

How to execute Brick Breaker game:

Download the code:

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