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COD4 Setup Fast Downloading On Your Server


COD4 Setup Fast Downloading On Your Server

  • First Go To
  • Then Sign Up There  , Simple Mehtod just put your email and website name there
  • Then Verify Your Acount by your mail acount , Note : Your Website Will Not Activated Until You Didn’t Confirm it from Mail box
  • Then Click On Your Website
  • Then Open File manager
  • Then Click on Upload Files Now
  • Then You Will Be Redirected To FTP Of Your Website
  • Then Create A New Directory And Name it “Fastdl”
  • Then Create Another Directory “mods” in Fastdl Directory
  • So If You Also Want To Setup Maps In Fast download Then Create A Directory Name It “Usermaps” in Fastdl directory
  • Now Just Upload Your Maps/mods  There By  Creating A Directory Name It As Your Mod folder is named
  • Note : You Can’t Drag And Drop The Mod Folder There !
  • Now When You Have Created Mod Directory Then Upload All Files Of Mods for eg : Mod.ff pml.iwd
  • Now Copy Your Website URL for eg :
  • Now  Put Fastdl After Your  Website Domain/URL Like This
  • Now You Will See Your FTP Index is working or not.
  • Now  You Need Server.cfg To Setup Fast download Url in it.
  • Download Server.cfg for here
  • Now copy Server.cfg Into Your Mod Folder
  • Then Open it With Editor , If You Use Editor Notepad++ Will Be Great,Then Use Window  Default Wordpad !
  • Then Find Line “// client download settings”
  • Then Check first Line : seta sv_wwwDownload “1” // enable download redirection
  • Then check seta sv_wwwDownload “0” if it is 0 then change it to “1”
  • Then check seta sv_wwwBaseURL “” // defines url to download from
  • And Use Your Own Website Url in seta sv_wwwBaseURL “<Your Website Url>
  • Then Save  it.
  • Now You Are Almost Done Now You Need To Host Cod4

Important Step !

  • Go To Start New Server As You Always do
  • Then After You Go To “Start New Server”
  • Open Console Using This Key “`”
  • Then Type This Command in console “/exec Server.cfg”
  • Now  Start Your Server And Enjoy !

If Your Any Questions Please Ask Me In Comments !

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