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How to fix DNS Server Not Responding Error

DNS Server Not Responding Error

How to fix DNS Server Not Responding Error

DNS Server Not Responding Error

Making an attempt to browse the web you may have encountered the error that claims, DNS Server is not Responding. It should additionally show up with the websites name together with the message ‘Server DNS Address couldn’t be Found.’ Although it’s not a really common drawback, however, it happens once in an exceedingly whereas once the DNS server that interprets a website name doesn’t respond for any reason. however, no have to be compelled to worry.

Before making an attempt something complicated, let’s do some basic tasks to slender down the matter. 1st of all, try and load the website in an exceedingly completely different browser to examine if it’s a browser connected drawback. You will be able to clear the browser cache, cookies so provide it a trial yet.
You can additionally try and connect a second device sort of a pill or something else’s portable computer either wirelessly or wired to your network. currently, try and browse that exact website and check if you continue to get the DNS Server Not Responding or DNS Server inaccessible error. If affirmative then follow the strategies mentioned below to repair the matter.

Watch: How to fix DNS Server Not Responding Error ??

Follow these steps tutored within the video below to repair DNS Server Not Responding Error.

The methods are shown above in the video are known to solve the DNS server not responding error that you simply get on your laptop. If you couldn’t solve the matter then comment below by mentioning that strategy you tried and that you didn’t and that I can strive my best to assist you out.

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