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Microsoft announces Windows 11 on its way, Release date will be announced soon


Microsoft announces Windows 11 on its way, Release date will be announced soon

Microsoft announces Windows 11 on its way, Release date will be announced soon

There was a lot of debates in the space regard to the release of Windows 11. Since they have officially announced Windows 10 in the last series. Never excited is already touch to the sky and fans have huge from this windows 11. New and fast features of this windows 11 are expected in the next version of this windows 11. Fresh and format new applications without any issues is the most desirable features that every is windows user expected.Windows 11

About Microsoft Windows 11:

The touch industry waiting for this new windows 11, even little news of creating windows 11 among them. The problem with Microsoft is facing many people that are not much getting interested in the update which they adopted recently, they want to see much bigger offered from Microsoft in the form of new windows 11. Microsoft is not opened to next project they are busy in giving of the new updates to the new windows 11. Next year expected Microsoft is given new updates codes name for the user.The people are waiting for this new windows 11, the previous lunch of windows 10hase great and huge success. They have developed a completed strategy this for windows 11 which Include given new reasons t the user to download the new windows and new updates. Beside given to touch of  great looks, they have provided useful features on the windows upgrading mode.

Microsoft says no windows 11 Why ???

The official news has come from Microsoft window say that Windows 10 is the last window operating system and now the new windows there will be no window 11. Since the tech world was piling up the windows 11, released. Microsoft decided to announced share it, they are not into making any sort of new window upgrading version after Windows 10. This window will be no more windows, windows 11 is the last window from the Microsoft…

Windows 11

What actually Microsoft said is quoted below:

“Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10,” said Jerry Nixon, Microsoft’s developer evangelist, at the Ignite tech conference.


About Next Microsoft Operating System Update:

After the new windows from Microsoft, they are making the highlight in the tech world. As Microsoft say that they will be no more lunched another window after window 10.

Microsoft Windows 11 Concept:

Even Microsoft has confirm they will be lunch next window is window 11, but that  dose not stop fans from designing in window 11 concept

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